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“Japan Society for Cultural Exchange(JSCE)” contributes to the growth and development of Japan and overseas countries by providing opportunities to show people's abilities and personalities through the exchange between Japan and overseas countries and the propagation of Japanese culture, science and technology.


Propagate Japanese culture, science and technology to overseas countries and bring the latest information and demands from overseas countries to various organizations and individuals in Japan.

Place    :
Provide opportunities for the exchange among people and construct a platform for people to show their abilities and personalities.

Act       : 
Deepen the exchange among countries, organizations and individuals and contribute to the growth and development of both Japan and overseas countries.



Incorporated Associaton
Japan Society for Cultural Exchange

Address : Dai 3 Higashi Bldg. 6F
               Kanda-Hirakawa-cho 1  Banchi
               Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0027


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